Print & Publishing: PrintBindaas Enhances Niche Business With Xerox Technologies

We the strengths of two innovative concepts are blended together efficiently, the outcome undoubtedly would be expected rewarding. And it has gone beyond expectation for first of its kind, Mumbai based company, PrintBindaas pvt. Ltd, who started their operations combining features of e-Commerce and Web to print to bring print service offerings at customers door step through a mouse click. “With initial investment of Rs 120 Lakh, we have grown up to seven to eight times in terms of valuation return in few months of our operations, and anticipate to reach to the mark of Rs 100 crore in the next your years,” conveyed Mr. Suraj Goyal, CEO of Print, accompanied by Mr. Pankaj Kalra head graphic communication business Xerox India in an exclusive conversation with Print & Publishing editors SK Khurana and Ajeet Singh.

Print Bindaas, an e-commerce website that enables online users to design and order office stationery and marketing collaterals, recently installed a Xerox 700 at its office in Mumbai. The facility also houses a cutting, folding, creasing and lamination machine.

“Initially, the idea was not to buy a digital printing press. It was to align with several Xerox digital printers and outsource the work to them. However, after discussing the details of our project with Xerox, we decided to have an in-house facility to meet the print orders of small and medium-sized customers,” says Suraj Goyal, chief executive officer, Print

“Xerox 700 is a light medium production printing press. Print needs of the frim's are being easily met by the press, and he has been doing a good volume from a start-up perspective,” said Pankaj Kalra, head – graphic communications business, Xerox India.

“Xerox claimed that the average monthly volume of the press would be around 30,000-75,000 A3 impressions. However, we have already done around 85,000 A3 impressions in a month; sometimes even working at full-capacity for a week or more. Over the last seven months, we have seen exponential growth. We expect to be a 100-crore company in the next four years,” Goyal added.

The online portal was launched in May 2011. Apart from the in-house digital set up, the company has partnered with several offset printers at various locations. The company has branches in Delhi, Ahmadabad and Mumbai. Nevertheless, by using the online platform, it has been serving pan-India market, and even international clients.

“We have been thinking about diversifying to include personalized comics through various collaborations. In fact, we are already talking to a publisher,” adds Goyal.

He also shared that the chances of setting up a fully-equipped in-house printing facility cannot be ruled-out in the future, but would not make such a large scale investment till the next quarter.

“Currently around 1000 clicks are happening on our portal per day with 1-2 percent response rate. Out of the offerings we have initiated business vards, flyers and customer decorated cups are top three so far taking the lead” informed Mr. Suraj Goyal. Their prominent clients include IIM, Kozhikode, Fujitsu, Siemens, SBI Capital market ltd, Sutra consulting, XLRI Jamshedpur, SBI, Star Global, Goa institute of Management etc.