MPS Adoption Amongst SMEs Will Pick Up In 2014

Rajat Jain, MD Xerox India shares his views on the changing trends in the MPS space. “Over the years cloud, Big Data, mobility and security have emerged as industry mega trends that IT managers and CIO’s have been closely observing. While adoption of cloud was largely restricted in Enterprise businesses but this year a significant number of SMEs also deployed cloud based solutions. We have also noticed a growing trend over the last couple of years on the adoption of MPS in enterprise and SMEs and businesses are looking more and more for document solutions instead of standalone printing.”

The MPS market during 2014 is likely to keep gaining further traction and the industry continues to grow at the rate of 30 percent CAGR according to the Xerox- Ernst & Young survey. “We see a fundamental structural change happening in the enterprise landscape where more and more customers are shifting from a Cap-Ex driven captive print infrastructure to an Op-Ex led Managed Print Services, thereby reaping the benefits of lower costs, enhanced productivity, mobile/cloud printing, user and cost centre-based accounting and security features, effective print governance via SLA assurance and single point of accountability,” says Jain.