Leverage Brand Strengths to Build Relationships

Build transformation in your DNA: Innovate for the future while building on the core business. Xerox has seen multiple transitions in the documents industry, from xerography to laser printing to digital printing and document management. We have also changed, becoming a services firm but remaining true to our core.

Leverage your legacy: Old associations can hold you back during a transformation. We are strongly associated with photocopying, though we offer much more. But this also means greater recall and a reputation for quality. The trick lies in leveraging the brand strengths to build relationships with business decision-makers.

Localise your offerings: No global company, however successful, can adopt a plug-and-play model for new geographies. Adopt a global philosophy but contextualise it to the local business environment, making relevant changes in offerings, processes, structures and so on.

Identify positioning pillars: New brands such as iPad and Google have become household names. While that is good, it is important that the associations they represent remain relevant even as the offerings transform. So, brands should identify and stick to their positioning pillars: innovation, customer centricity, quality etc.

Focus on innovation: Innovation is at the core of most global tech firms. You need to stay ahead of the curve and come up with solutions before anyone else. Do this consistently and your customers will depend on you instead of relying on others.