Xerox ConnectKey review

ConnectKey is a technology to make a MFP experience more extensive and convenient. It is a software platform embedded in its multifunction printers to ease the process of printing, copying, scanning or faxing, and increase its reach with very effective security measures. Just to take an instance, you can print from just about anywhere through mobile print capabilities. Also, documents can be scanned directly to cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote and Microsoft Office 365 for storage and collaboration. Now the question that pops up is that this thing not heard of before? Is it really unique?

The answer to these questions would be that-first of all ConnectKey is not limited to above mentioned features only. Second of all, the difference lies to the way it is being implemented and the amount of flexibility it provides along with security and simplicity. You can develop simple applications and embed them on the multifunction printer with easy-to-use tools. For example, IT professionals can manage ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers easily, and make applications more accessible to your workforce – right from the device's touch screen. Plus, ConnectKey provides a common user interface across multiple devices – making them easy to use. Let's look at different features of ConnectKey:

Connect & share: ConnectKey enabled MFPs offer mobile printing and scanning solutions that integrate fully with cloud-based technologies and mobile devices. These MFPs enable single-touch scanning workflows in various formats. You can share your documents via standard network folders, email, cloud-based repositories or back-end ERP repositories.

Access from anywhere: Anyone can print from any email-enabled mobile devices including Apple iPhones, Android or Windows smartphones, and BlackBerry using Xerox Mobile Print. ConnectKey enabled MFPs can be connected wirelessly. In case, if you want to do some job with a ConnectKey enabled MFP but you are not able to do so. At that time, you can get assistance remotely, where a person with adequate right can access the MFP and help you in completing your job. You can also use VPNs if your enterprise supports the infrastructure.

Security: It is critical to understand that multifunction printers are potential points of entry for malicious activities. Here ConnectKey edges out with other similar technology by incorporating security measures as your data is secured and protected from malware with security from McAfee. Plus, automatic Cisco TrustSec Identity Services Engine (ISE) integration provides comprehensive visibility of all ConnectKey enabled MFPs' endpoints to enforce IT-centric security policies and compliance.

Authentication: They support over 85 card types that enable users to log into the device using a proximity card, student ID, or security card, providing a secure method of authentication, tracking usage and billing. I tried to evaluate the features of ConnectKey on an enabled MFP and found that the features were performing as per expectations. Only thing that can go against it is the availability of ConnectKey in MFPs. At this moment, this technology is present in only a few models which are very highly priced to the range of Rs 7,50,000.