Xerox Laser Cartridges: Great Performance from First Print to Last

Xerox Laser Cartridges meet demanding Xerox specifications as well as some pretty tough independent standards. Xerox can help you get more value with performance equal to what you expect from your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridge.

Xerox recently launched a new, unique product line in India, offering a range of original Xerox laser cartridges for select HP and Canon A4 printers at great value, thereby benefitting customers who maybe using printers of other brands. Launched with a special introductory price for most of the SKU’s, these Xerox laser cartridges offer savings of 30%-40% on the current OEM cartridges for SOHOs, SMBs and enterprises. The cartridges are globally sourced and adhere to the highest quality standards. These cartridges are available at Flipkart which is the exclusive online partners and with Xerox channel partners.

Under this new range, Xerox is offering cartridges for more than 50% of the HP & Canon A4 printers including some of the most popular HP and Canon printers. (such as HP : 1020 Plus, P1007 , LaserJet 1000 Printer Series, LaserJet 3000 Printer Series, LaserJet M1005, LJ1007 / 1008 / 1108 / 1106 / M1136 / P3015d / P3015dn / P3015n / P3015x / 2000 series, 2700 series, M2727NF, LJ Pro 1566 /P1606 / 1536DNF, LJ P1102 / M1210 / M1212NF / M1213 / M1130 / M1132 / 1108, P1005 / 1006 / 1000 series, LJ 1522 NF / P1505 / 1500 series, Canon : LBP 2900 B, LBP 6000 / 6018 / 6020, LBP3018 / 3010 / 3100 / 3108 / 3150 / 3050).

Xerox Laser Cartridges has tested for manufacturing quality. The products perform life testing in labs to ensure that cartridges are meeting the quality specs from first print to last. Then, every cartridge is print tested before packaging. Periodic, random cartridge audits ensure consistent quality each and every time. Rigorous testing and depth of xerographic technology knowledge enable us to put quality into every Xerox Laser Cartridge—from engineering design to manufacturing to your final output. Xerox Laser Cartridges tested in the same hot and cold conditions that can occur in the office, and we carefully study image quality factors, including color fidelity, halftone and solid fill image uniformity. During test, it has measure fine line reproduction, density, banding, ghosting and mottle. The toner seal to ensure against leaking on the printed page, and the engineers monitor for health and safety factors, too.

There’s simply no substitute for the consistent quality. Having invented laser printing Xerox know it not just the toner, but many critical components that have a part to play in ensuring consistent, high quality print output – from the first print to the last. Every component that goes into Xerox laser cartridges has been tested to meet the stringent quality parameters to ensure that you get a world class product. Xerox use High quality xerographic components such as the toner, blades, photoreceptors and developer.