Xerox Brings Global Training Standards For MPS Partners

Xerox India, one of the leading managed print service provider, has been gaining momentum in large enterprises for its Managed Print Service (MPS) offerings.

Now, the company has shifted its focus to SMBs and mid-sized enterprises for its MPS solutions. To drive the MPS in the SMBs, Xerox is banking on its channel partners and providing global training to them. Additionally, the company wants to add 1000 key accounts in the mid sized enterprises for its MPS.

Speaking exclusively to ChannelTimes, Sandeep S Dhanoa, Associate director, Business Head-Key accounts, XPPS, and Business solution delivery, Xerox India, explained the company’s approach to reach out to the burgeoning SMB market for its MPS growth.

He said, “Our approach towards SMBs is very selective, we have identified 1000 key accounts both new and existing. At the same time, we will empower our select partners, close to 10-15 of them located in three major metros with the global training methodology called STreamLINE.”

Starting in 2010, Xerox began to globally roll out STreamLINE, a customized service selling methodology and tool set to its direct and channel partners. As the word means, STreamLIINE is a consultative selling approach designed to align the selling resource to the client’s needs and aims to reduce friction and achieve both parties’ common and shared objective. STreamLINE has been deployed in Europe, North America and will be deployed within India so that Xerox’s channel partners can offer Xerox MPS to their clients.

Xerox feels the deployment of MPS in the large enterprise is quite formal, but in the SMBs the MPS is used in a very basic form. With this global training, Xerox will impart consultative selling sets to its partners and build few role model examples to boost its large base of the partners.

Xerox is closely mapping the use of MPS in the large enterprise. Based on the customers feedback, Xerox has recently made enhancements to its MPS offerings under the launch of Next Generation MPS for the India market.

The Next Generation MPS is designed to build momentum and deliver new value that help customers of all sizes realize cost savings upto 30% with increased efficiencies, allowing them to focus on their core business. Xerox’s Next Generation MPS is an innovative solution with a shift in focus from optimizing printer fleets to optimizing business processes.

“As an enterprise’s knowledge capital grows – in both paper and electronic form – the challenge of unlocking it increases exponentially. Without proper management it gets lost; since it lives in so many places and formats,” he said.

The new offerings are built on three strategies – assess and optimize, secure and integrate, and automate and simplify – which continues to evolve with these new offerings. The enhancements help clients manage their information demands more effectively, especially in the area of security and automating document workflows.”

Channel partners is a prime contractor and we are a sub contractor while deploying the SMBs and new customers acquisitions.

“Right training for the partners is the first step to grow our MPS business in SMBs, therefore, we are going to provide them same tools and selling skills as Xerox has developed, bench-marked, deployed in developed market operations. So that the same practices and training we have developed for direct sales and channel sales team in US, UK and Canada will be provided to our partners in India. We want our channel to act as a consultant and guide the customers. The sourcing for MPS should be done in a different approach that requires consulting not transactional selling of technology and IT services,” Dhanoa added

The company has already started the training program with its selective partners and will be upgrading them from the basic MPS to the real MPS benefits.