SMBs will be a key market for us in India, says Xerox India MD

Sanghamitra Kar  |  ETtech

US-based Xerox, which employs over 500 people in India, will now be focusing on small and medium-sized business (SMB) sector along with its enterprise market.

Ashraf El-Arman, managing director, Xerox India, said, “SMB is a key sector that we are looking to cater. The market is now oriented towards value which means it is looking for service providers that will give them the value and drive growth.” “India is now looking to transit into services by acquiring the technology. This trend has become more dominant among the SMBs,” he said.

The company is also prioritising mobility and security as its key product features.“Our new range will introduce better productivity, more cost effectiveness, enhanced security features and more mobility – allowing you to be more connected on your mobile phone and it’s also more operationally economical. They will cater to both SMB and enterprise,” said El-Arman. “The main focus behind our design and pricing strategy is to cater to all types of organisations and ensure that they are able to save upfront costs.”

The company, which recently announced its second-quarter 2017 earnings with revenue of $2.57 billion, is now focusing to expand its network of resellers, channels and services in India. “We are providing regular training sessions in Tier 2 and 3 cities to help our partners understand how printing solutions can be valuable.”

Commenting on advancement in 3D printing, El-Arman said, “We are looking into every potential development on the technology side and all our research centres are also developing to ensure we bring all the innovations We understand the market opportunities and the variety of the solutions that we are working on but only when it comes to the level that we can announce and communicate it to the market.”