Agra’s Bhanu Media Centre invests in Xerox 1000i

With increased competition, Agra-based Bhanu Media Centre realised that in order to grow and lead the digital printing segment, the company needed to focus on two things. One, increasing productivity while simultaneously maintaining the quality of the outputs and two, invest in applications which hold promises for the future growth and give it an edge in the market. To fulfil both these aspects, the company zeroed in on two factors which seemed to be the most critical for growth, high gloss printing for the specialty applications and clear ink highlighting applications.

Ultimately, according to Suresh Dhanwani, proprietor, Bhanu Media Centre, among the various brands he studied, he found Xerox to be the clear winner by providing gloss at the rated speeds and the fifth ink option.

As a result, Bhanu Media Centre invested in a Xerox 1000i. “Another factor that went in favour of this decision is that we are already an existing Xerox user. We had installed a Xerox Versant 80 two years back,” Dhanwani said, adding, “Xerox takes care of imparting trainings to the operators and advanced level of support for creation of new jobs.”

With the new installations, Dhanwani is looking forward to adding more customers with requirements of high gloss printing to its portfolio. “The gloss of the Xerox 1000i can be controlled and it surpasses the quality of high gloss offset printing inks with the kind of density of Screen printing and the dots of the offset that it provides. Therefore, with one equipment, we can produce the best of both the worlds which was not possible with the existing ways of printing,” he said.

A decade back, Bhanu Media Centre started catering to a varied market segment with the traditional commercial offset printers. Primarily commercial printing was the main line of business. “However, with the advent of digital printing, we soon realised its potential and made our entry into this segment. The short runs in the commercial printing remain an important part of our business as we consider it to be the zone of disruption,” Dhanwani said.

Dhanwani is the proprietor and looks after the overall administration and business development. He is assisted by Jai Dhanwani who is the production head and primarily manages the shop floor. The company’s principal clientele includes jobbers, screen printers, offset printers, etc and the segment catered to are tags, brochures, visiting cards, point of sale material, etc.

Dhanwani said with the growing demand of personalisation taking over almost every industry segment, printing has become more targeted, thereby giving a boost to the digital printing. “Also, with the technological rapid advancements, the horizons of creativity have grown by leaps and bounds, making the jobs more complex and almost imperative to take up the digital printing route. This leaves the traditional commercial printers little choice. In order to continue their hold in the market place, they ought to adopt the technology and explore this new revenue stream. We personally believe that digital printing industry has a huge potential,” he added.

The company’s run lengths typically range from 1-200. “However, this also depends on the turnaround time, nature of job, presence of variable data, etc which a customer might need for his job,” he said.

Until now, the company had a 400 sq/ft area dedicated to its digital printing set up. “However, with our recent investment – Xerox Color 1000i Press, we are now expanding our facility by another 200 sq/ft,” Dhanwani said. “We expect a volume increase and greater flexibility with this new investment and hence decided to add more area for a dedicated packing division to ensure smooth operations.”

Dhanwani believes investing in Xerox 1000i has been a step in the right direction – enabling the company to cater the right market segment. “The results have surpassed our expectations. With the help of the productivity tools and the increased market opportunities, we have seen a 40% increase in our print volumes and our top line has improved by 55%. We are still in the process of introducing new additions to our portfolio that have potential for tremendous growth in the times to come. Overall, the journey has been a dream ride and we can certainly say that we’re heading in the right direction at the right time,” he said, adding, “We estimate to reach breakeven in three years for this current investment.”

Publication                     PrintWeek
                                 6th October, 2017