Xerox Claims 75pc Power Savings on Color C70 Printer

Xerox showcased its newly launched marquee digital presses at the Printpack 2015 concluded in Delhi NCR recently. The showcased products include: Xerox Color C70, Versant 2100 and Phaser 7800.

The Xerox Color C70 offers the widest range of applications including running synthetics, vinyls, window clings, carbonless paper, never-tear paper, transfer papers, magnets and many other unique applications that are made possible with Xerox’s low melt toner and flexible paper path.

“The running electricity costs of the C60/C70 are almost 1/4th to similar press configurations available in the market today,” said Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director, Technology, Channels & International Distributor Operations, Xerox India. The newly developed, heat-efficient IH fuser does not require preheating, which helps reduce power consumption in standby mode by 44% compared to a resistance heating device. Also, the power consumption of the scanner using LED lighting is 1/3rd of traditional scanners using fluorescent lamps.

“Versant 2100 has already seen a great response in the market, with its installations reaching double digit in the past three months; we are sure we will be able to replicate the same success for the Color C70. Phaser 7800 color printer represents the Graphic Arts Gold standard for color reproduction and is extremely useful for proofing applications,” said Rajagopalan.