XRCI To Make $1 B Transformational Impact On Xerox

Xerox Research Centre in India (XRCI), part of the $19.5-billion document management company Xerox Corporation, wants to make a transformational impact of $1 billion via its research work over a period of five years in India.

In an interaction with Deccan Herald, XRCI Director Manish Gupta said that besides healthcare and insurance, the research centre focuses on transportation, finance and banking, and education.

“Even though Xerox is well known for photocopying and printers in India, it has been transforming itself into becoming much more of a services company. This got traction with the acquisition of ACS (Affiliated Computer Services) and XRCI is also evolving in this regard. Besides bringing solutions in healthcare, we are making disruptive technologies on IT analytics and internet of things (IoT),” said Gupta.

XRCI, which employs close to 90 people, of which about 70 are researchers and engineers, helps in prototyping research, before turning it over to the business side. Manish says XRCI has aligned itself with the key areas of Xerox’s services businesses.

“Healthcare is an over $2 billion business for Xerox globally and it includes insurance services. Xerox also provides clinical care solutions to hospitals by getting into analytics for healthcare. We are also into developing solutions for telemedicine and home monitoring,” said Manish Gupta.

“Our researchers developed techniques to help predict which in-patient is likely to become serious and require admission into an ICU. This analytics capability based on our Juvo solution is offered out of our business group called Midas+,” he said. The solution based on this Juvo platform also helps in predicting complications when a patient is already admitted in an ICU.

Consumer focus He also said the company is coming up with a solution which can reduce the hospitalisation of patients.

“What we have seen is this whole trend of what we call consumer-centric healthcare, where lot of action is shifting from just providing care within an hospital, to taking care of people before they enter the hospital or even after they have left the hospital,” said Manish.

As part of this global initiative, XRCI appointed medical doctor Satish Rath to do high-end research in telemedicine solutions as well as home monitoring.